Oh humanity!

Mungoma ward,the home of murooli,with many tourist sites mourning again!A young man has been butchered by teens calling themselves 42 brother I presume!

The area chief has worked tirelessly to stop this but justice has remained evasive .once caught,they are sent to police stations,held there and the parents sell property to bail them out.This is

Very depressing indeed,until annother person is butchered, the cycle begins again.more disturbing is the fact that the boys are known and according to African tradition once you murder somebody even make them bleed you need cleansing. Its said that there is an old man who gives them herbs to cleanse them and he’s known.

Question is!does he do it out of fear or he enjoy s the money?

We are tired of this happenngs.matiangi give us aLasting solution, at her wise the community is desperate and might turn to mob justice.

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