Oh no,believe it or not,a24yr old man perished here,a camping site.why why why?Negligence! Atour long awaited by 30 workers awarded for hard work.Imagine a camping site near a big river originating from the highest mountain in the area,the chilling water notwithstanding.

Two weeks earlier ,he’d visited his mother who had been widowed earlier,still having not forgotten the love of her life.The falling water so beckoning,he dived in with curiosity of a cat wanting to feel the power where the fall ended.In a span of a minute he had been pushed right under struggling to come up,his colleagues agape.He was gone till after 2weeks of searching.Administration of camping sites ,save us the agony!employ standby expert divers .where is your conscience?Value life beyond money ,save the customer for future visits and more money!

Published by jenkins2020

I'm a very hardworking,positive lady with lots of aspirations to achieve wealth alongside my friends and people who are ready to grow their wealth.welcome

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